FEI CREATIVE provides customized creative services to the world’s most discerning brands.

By hand-selecting creative, technical, and commercial industry expertise, FEI CREATIVE tailors bespoke project teams to clients’ unique branding needs.

Our custom curation pushes brands beyond conventional boundaries, consistently exceeding expectation.


Start-up Branding+Strategy
Brand Transformation+Elevation
Digital+Omnichannel Strategy
Experiential Design
Store Design
Visual Merchandising
Pop-up Design
Commercial+Residential Design


Our carefully curated teams of global experts work as transformative agents to re-imagine iconic brands in the fashion and beauty industry, from

Clinique to Tom Ford Beauty,
Uniqlo to Chanel,
Levi’s to Tiffany,

Or to amplify the subtle nuances
Gucci and Louis Vuitton

How may we tailor your brand for tomorrow?


Founder Judy Wenfei Lee is an innovative creative director whose work spans industries and unites disciplines. Trained as an architect, her far-ranging passions for art, design, and fashion led her to pioneer a career as a concept creator. Working in-house as Global Vice President and Creative Director, she has crafted original, transformative concepts for the world’s most recognized and revered brands.

A proven leader in innovative brand building and strategic brand distinction, Judy created and rolled out the first freestanding building for Chanel with Peter Marino, equipped with cutting-edge technology. She also conceptualized and constructed the first-ever internal global retail department for Gucci. Her creative direction propelled these venerable fashion brands to new heights.

Similarly, Judy’s leadership on Estee Lauder Companies’ beauty brands Crème de la Mer, MAC cosmetics, Tom Ford Beauty, and Clinique has driven not only brand innovation but also substantial growth in sales.

With the founding of FEI CREATIVE as an independent consultancy, Judy brings her deep leadership experience and creative insight to a broad range of clients, solving their unique branding issues through the bespoke curation and management of expert creative and technical teams.

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